School Valuation during COVID-19

If you are thinking about valuing a school during this pandemic, the business valuator you hire might need to consider the issues presented in this article. You will want to do a valuation of your school if you plan to sell it or if you are planning to acquire one.

In this article we mean by a school, a childcare center, a preschool, a K-12 school or networks of these.



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Due Diligence in Acquisition of Schools

You found a good school (preschool or K-12 school) to acquire, did a valuation of the school, presented an offer to the Seller, and the Seller accept it. Then, what? Well, the next step is to confirm assumptions of your valuation and identify risks in acquiring the school. That is the purpose of the due diligence.

How to Sell a School

In this article we present some aspects that school owners should take into account when planning to sell a school. By "school" we mean a network of childcare centers, preschools, K-12 or any other type of school, but it also includes a single location or school.

EBITDA multiples for preschools, childcare centers, and K-12 schools - How to Value a School

We are frequently asked by sellers and buyers what the EBITDA multiples for schools are. That is how this article originated. In this article we explain how to use this metric and provide some information about the multiples we see today in the marketplace. Finally, we argue that EBITDA multiples are only one indicator to value a school. There is a more precise method. By "school" we mean a network of childcare centers, preschools or K-12 schools or even a single location of any of these educational institutions.

Most frequent questions when selling a privately held company

Several analyses are needed at this time. This might be complex and there is no simple formula. However, there is at least one question that must be answered: does the sale make economic sense? In other words, what are the earnings that the company will give the shareholders with the current strategy? Is the present value of all future dividends greater than the price you will get after paying taxes and advisors in the process? What are the shareholders going to do with the proceeds of the sale? What will be the rate of return of those proceeds? It is important to be very clear on the economic implications of selling the company.




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